Learn How to Squat Perfectly WITHOUT a Spotter.

Heavy Squat

Getting stronger and more fit isn’t only about what looks cool.

It’s about what gets you from you to your goal as safe and effective as possible.

It means that you use exercises like squats.

Personally, I have a fond relationship with squats, and it started early.

It’s time to take a trip back in time.


The year was 2008. 15 year old Linden had stars in his eyes after witnessing Steve Nash’s meteoric rise to back-to-back MVP’s in the NBA. Professional basketball finally seemed possible for a white boy from Canada.

To play professional basketball, he (okay I’m DONE with using 3rd person) knew he had to get stronger.

Without much other knowledge, I downloaded a basketball training program and started lifting with what I had.

This meant using the barbell and weights in my dad’s shop that I inherited from some friends.

While there was a leg press attachment on the machine in the shop, I knew that wouldn’t get me as strong as squatting. So I ended up MacGyvering a squat rack out of the dip station we had.


There I was, all alone (well, Rage Against the Machine was with me), squatting 2x a week with all the weight I could find.


In most cases, that sounds like a recipe for disaster.

No coach.

No spotter.

AND a Gerry-rigged squat rack.


So how the heck did that 15-year-old kid get stronger, more fit, and not kill himself? Not only that, but develop confidence in the bottom of a squat?

And since I suspect you’re not a 15-year-old kid hoping to be the next Steve Nash, how does this apply to your fitness goal of looking great and feeling even better? 

Well, let me introduce you to the power of the box squat.


The box squat is the exercise I used to get stronger at age 15, get through a painful hip injury at age 22, and is a staple in client training programs now.

The biggest benefit to a box squat is you develop a ton of confidence and strength at the bottom of your squat. For most people, this is the most difficult part of the lift.

Since you will go through the full range of motion, Get ready to pack on more weight to your lifts over time. Going through the full range of motion using the entire muscle will send your strength through the roof!

And you know that nagging hip flexor injury you always get? You’ll prevent it because training your legs through a full range of motion stops injuries in their tracks. You will be injury proof on the soccer pitch when you’re chasing a loose ball AND in the gym.

Often guys in the gym don’t get anywhere close to parallel with their squats, not because of lack of strength. It’s due to lack of confidence at the bottom.

But with the box squat, you’re going to know exactly how far you need to go down to feel safe and get the greatest effect out of your squat.


Here’s how you’re going to start.


Put a box or bench under your butt, just below your kneecap.

Based on your hip mobility and ankle mobility, you might have a higher or lower box. Test this out, because the kneecap is only a starting point.

To determine if it’s the proper height, your back should stay straight as you hit the bottom. If your lower back rounds at the bottom, you know your box is too low. Increase the height a little bit as you work on mobility in the hips and ankles. 

Next, you’re going to choose a back squat or goblet squat. If you are a fresh beginner definitely choose the goblet squat as shown in the video above. You’ll learn how to use your core in a squat, while also decreasing the stress directly on your back.


Set the box up so one corner is pointing straight between your legs. Your feet will be on either side of the corner.

Squat down, touch the box with your behind, stand back up. Simple as that.


When you go down to the box, make sure that you don’t sit fully on the box. I want you to maintain tension through the entire lift. You will get strong, sexy, injury-proof muscle.


After you feel your butt touch your box, stand up aggressively and with purpose. Don’t stand up half-hearted. You’re not going to improve that way.


When you start doing this exercise, make sure to use less weight than you think. Going all the way to the bottom is often a big change for guys that are used to doing partial reps. Just remember to take your time. 

Develop confidence, strength and prevent injury all at the same time. Crush your box squats for your leg strength to take off!