Are you in pain because of the gym? Fix it with these 4 Exercises.

fIn your gym, it’s the wild wild west.

Well… John Wayne might not actually be strolling to the squat rack, and Butch Cassidy isn’t stealing your woman.

AND There may not be a train full of people, with dynamite set to explode if you don’t rescue them.

BUT there are desperadoes ready to steal your time, money and fitness, and get you injured at any chance given.

Technically they aren’t stealing your money, but if deadlifts injure you to the point that you’re not coming into the gym for 6 months, then consider that stolen money hombre.

These desperados are exercises that have been caught up on the wrong side of the tracks, getting you hurt, leaving you unable to play golf on the weekends with your friends.

It also feels like you’re being held hostage in your own body.

Until Now.

NOW, you’re the hero of this story. You’re not just the friendly general store owner who is loved by everyone.

You’ve also become the sheriff of this town. You’ve been asked to put together a bang-up team of deputies to take down these desperadoes. Your job is to put them in jail until they decide to play nice, then let them back into the wild whenever you’re ready.

So saddle up your horse, cowboy. Dust off that colt .45. It’s time to put these desperadoes in jail, and create some new order to your fitness.




This is one of the greatest exercises ever graced to man, but also one most likely to jack you up.

To do a perfect back squat, you need to have mobility in all of the following areas: Hips, shoulders, ankles and Thoracic Spine. Not only that, you have to have balance, and core strength so you don’t fold like your grandpa’s dusty old accordion.

IF you REALLY want to learn the back squat, it’s not outside reality. BUT you need to work on all the areas above first.

If you decide you just want to get strong, powerful legs that look great in your board shorts, without hurting yourself, check out the following exercise:

DEPUTY 1: Goblet Squat to a box

If there was a perfect beginner exercise, one that’s the wet dream of every trainer because of it’s simplicity, this is it.

You won’t be scared of falling on your butt with the box behind you.

By putting the weight in front of you, you force your core to work in overdrive as you keep the weight up above your chest.

Your shoulders are going to become the size of Dwight Howard’s because you are forced to hold the weight above your chest.

And finally, you’ll feel it more in your legs and less in your lower back because your back will be more vertical, putting the weight right over your quads.

With the weight at your chest, lower yourself down until you feel your butt touch the box. Make sure you feel weight on your entire foot. When you feel that entire weight, DRIVE THROUGH THE FLOOR AS IF YOU’RE ABOUT TO LAUNCH TO MARS.





The great separator between the men and the boys. Also the great destroyer of backs.

Improper deadlift form has ended more gym careers, hurt more egos, and left more people with a terrible taste in their mouth for going to the gym than almost any other exercise.

And that’s why it’s going in the clink, aka jail.

It’s important to have a strong hip hinge, aka moving your hips forward and back, BUT it doesn’t have to mean leaving your back as a wreck.

Use a tool that works with your body instead of works against it.


DEPUTY 2: Trap Bar Deadlift.


The BIGGEST difference with this exercsie is that it allows your hands to move to your side, and lets your hips go a little bit lower to start. It also allows the bar to be right in the middle of your center of gravity, instead of having to reach in front of your body.

These two little changes will take your deadlift from back destroyer to Leg and hip sculptor.

To perform this, keep your back straight and push your hips back FIRST. Once your hips are as far back as they can go, let your knees come forward until your hands grab the bar. Once grabbing the bar, drive through the floor, squeeze your butt to push your hips forward.





This exercise comes a close second to the barbell deadlift for exercises that end gym careers.

Has this exercise cut short yours?

I can understand the desire to get a bigger, stronger, more masculine chest that your wife can lay her head on and that you can be proud of. But if your shoulders end up causing you more pain than when you broke up with your first girlfriend, you need a different exercise.


DEPUTY 3: A properly done push-up.


You might be rolling your eyes, but a properly done push-up will help heal your shoulders, give you a bigger chest, and let you come back to your precious bench press in due time.

Plus it can be done anywhere, AND has a plethora of ways to make it more challenging (Check out this workout to spark new chest growth). Time to get it done.

To properly perform this, place your hands directly below your shoulders, and feet directly behind you.

Squeeze your butt. Don’t let your butt sag down to the ground.

As you press your hands into the ground, rotate your hands away from your body so your elbow pits point forward.

Slowly lower your body down to the ground, bringing your shoulders back together.

Once you’re down far enough, press into the ground. Press your body out as far as you can.

Do this right, and your shoulders will thank you.






This desperado is wanted for a lot of reasons. Find out below:


  • Most people don’t know how to push their hips back, AND Keep their back straight.
  • You might be rowing to high on yoru body.
  • Your core isn’t strong enough to support the barbell in the position it is.
  • You’re not actually using your back.


So, to remedy this, and get your back strong so you can see those bat wings people like to call Lats, let’s use the following.

DEPUTY 4: Dumbbell Chest Supported Row.

I love this exercise because it FORCES you to use your back. You can’t really use your arms in place of your back because there is nowhere for it to go. Within one or two cues you will be feeling it in your upper back more than any of the other row variations you’ve tried.

So to do this, lay down with your belly on a bench. Raise up the front so that you can have a full range of motion.

Grab your weights. Squeeze your back as you pull the weights down to your hips. Pull until your upper arms are parallel with your body. DO NOT GO PAST PARALLEL!

Once your back is fully squeezed, lower the weights back down.





Most Desperados end up on the wrong side of the law due to a few environmental circumstances outside of their control. Once they’re put into a better environment, they can learn to make better choices.

It’s the same for these exercises. You got injured from them, but you still want to train. Use their alternatives as you put in the time and energy, as well as the requisite mobility for the desperado exercises.

Soon enough you can add these exercises back into your holster.

It’s time for you to enjoy your weekend golf trips and Sunday evening soccer games with your family again.

Time to take back your fitness, sheriff.