Meet the Tom Brady of Workout Exercises.

Everyone hates Tom Brady.

Well, not everyone. Fans of the New England Patriots love him.

Other than that, most other football fans loathe him.
Not just for his otherworldly football skills either.

  • He’s handsome.
  • He’s one of the best quarterbacks of the modern era, if not all time.
  • He’s got a beautiful wife.
  • He’s in great shape.
  • He’s an author…

Dang. He might actually be good at everything. I can see why most people hate him.

As unfair as it might be, did you know there is an exercise that is the equivalent of Tom Brady?
And that exercise is the Kettlebell swing.

Not only will it make you look really good, it’s good at doing everything.

  • It builds slabs of lean muscle in the places you want it most (shoulders, arms, abs and glutes).
  • Create a strong upper back and shoulder, a part of the body that often gets missed in training programs. My client Jeff tells the sorry tale of his outrageous soreness from them:



  • Helps you lose a ton of fat. It’s an explosive movement that can be done for high reps. You’re going to be breathing hard and sweating hard.
  • Develops a ton of athleticism.
  • They build a rock-solid core and a posterior chain that the statue of David would envy.


Unlike our friend (Or frenemy) Tom Brady, when not utilized properly it can spell disaster for your lower back. Learn this easy 3 step progression so you can go from Dax Prescott to Tom Brady in the gym.

STEP 1: Kettlebell Deadlift.

To be able to do a rocking kettlebell swing, you have to master this first while keeping a rock-solid core and strong hips.

So push your hips back, keep your back straight, and squeeze your butt HARD as you bring the weight up.

(If you want more in depth on deadlift technique and cues, hit up THIS article

STEP 2: HIKE the Kettlebell.

This is so you can learn how the swing feels as it goes back into your hips. As the weight comes back focus on two things: Keep the weight as close to your hips as possible and keep your back straight.

Don’t let the weight drift down past your knees. The further away from your hips the kettlebell gets, the more likely it is to hurt your back.

Pretend like you’re trying to can yourself, only to let your hips back just in time.

The hike will look like this:

STEP 3: Full Swings.

You are ready for the full movement! The focus is that you need to aggressively squeeze your butt to get the maximum effect out of this exercise.

After you get the weight into your hips, press through the ground and stand tall, squeezing your butt at the top. Ideally, The bell will come up to the height of your shoulder. The swinging action will happen as a natural result of aggressive glute use. So don’t pull the weight up with your shoulders. If you are using your shoulders chances are the weight is too light. Increase that weight so you have to punch your hips forward.

Imagine your arms are a loose string with the kettlebell as the pendulum.

Keep your shoulders packed, hips strong.


Here you have yourself the strongest kettlebell exercise; great at creating an athletic physique, that looks as good as it performs. Start with sets of 5, allowing you to master excellent technique before you go into high rep sets.

Better at doing everything than Tom Brady? I’ll let you decide.