The Greatest Exercises You Could Ever Use.

This is the worst type of list.

Well, most of the time they are.

The idea that there are 8 exercises that are better than any other exercise is a little silly because fitness is user dependent.

If you were to ask any trainer, and you said “What’s the best exercise?”, they will most likely say, “It depends.”

Best Diet? “Well, it depends.”

Best Star Wars Film? “It de… actually Episode 5. No question.”

After this week it could be Episode 8! The second film in each trilogy tends to do pretty well…

ANYWAYS. The “It depends” answer is a giant cop-out. You asked this personal trainer because you trust their judgement. They start to bore you with the reasons why the deadlift might be the best, or how the Squat is the best.

Enough! If you were to ask me, “Linden. Imagine I am trapped on the planet Jakku (a desert planet). The only way I am rescued by Fin is if I got in the best shape of my life. With the proper amount of food provided, WHAT EXERCISES SHOULD I DO?

No it depends answers.”

Awesome. This is the stuff I live for.

The exercises listed are not only the exercises you would want to base your training around on a desert planet/island. They are also the exercises you should base your training on in real life.

See, these exercises cover a multitude of sins.

OR wait, that might be grace…

I got it. These exercises cover a multitude of goals. These will get you stronger, bigger, improve conditioning, help lose fat (if need be), and make you as legendary as Han Solo.

NOTE: This is what my answer is this year. That’s what’s fun about these articles. Can you get strong and improve your fitness with these exercises?

You bet your blaster you will. Could some of these exercises change in the next 5 years of me being a coach?

I’d say the probability is as high as Rey being a Kenobi… AKA pretty high.

Either way. These exercises are the best option RIGHT now.

Time to get ready. When harnessed, these exercises can give you the fitness you’re after.

  1. Front Squats.

    Loading the weight in the front of the body decreases the weight you need to use, but increase the intensity and difficulty because it puts the weight straight on your legs. Not only do your legs get stronger, but your upper back and core will too.

  2. KB Swings.

    I wrote about these bad boys here. Improve your entire posterior chain from your shoulders to your calves. Want a better butt? Better athleticism? Better Vert? Crazy conditioning? You’re gonna wanna do these.

  3. Turkish Get-Ups.Crush your get-ups, and I bet your shoulder pain and nagging shoulder issues will go away. During this exercise, you train mobility and strength many different positions. Your shoulder loves variety and different angles.This exercise keeps your shoulder healthy, improve your core strength, and is a sneaky conditioning tool. PS. Check out THIS article about the Turkish Get-up.
  4. Ring Pull-up.
    There is an undisputed king when it comes to lat and back development. That would be the pull-up. As good as a lat pull-down or a barbell row can be, not much can match your good ol pull up. Unfortunately, doing too many chins can cause irritation on the inside of your elbows. Too many pull-ups (palms away) can cause pain and irritation in the outside of your elbow. ENTER THE RING PULL UP.
    By having your hands rotate as you go up or down, you can allow your shoulder to move in the most anatomically helpful position for it.
  5. Sled Push.
    The most underrated strength building, conditioning tool in the gym. It’s dummy proof.
    With some proper coaching, it creates devastating quad strength, glutes and hamstrings of steel, and the lung capacity of a Ethiopian runner.
  6. PUSH-UPS.

    Bodyweight gold is what I like to call these bad boys. You can do them anywhere, anytime. You develop high functioning shoulder blades that are able to move freely on that ribcage of yours. And the ability to load them up is only limited by your creativity.

  7. KB Press

    Like the Pull-up, using the kettlebell you can get better upward rotationof the scapula. Aka allowing your shoulder to move in a spiral motion allows the shoulder to move in a way that feels more natural. A lot easier than a

  8. Deadlift.

    I was about to finish the list, but knowing how to pick an object off the ground is almost essential. It should actually be deadLIT, as the kids might say these days. Getting a stronger deadlift is pretty dang essential. If you need any other proof, check out THIS article.


These articles will save your life. For real. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Jakku, or planet Earth. These are exercises that are chosen to drastically improve your life while being easily modifiable too.

PLOT TWIST. No one coming to save you. You get to save yourself.

To transform your body and life, you have the power to save yourself.

Now it’s time to go save yourself because you don’t need Fin or anyone else to save you.