What Can Weight Loss Look Like For You In Real Life?

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Beat the belly and drop two pants sizes in a week!


You see these promises splattered in magazines, or littered across the internet.

Most of the time, they are meant to sell you something… or multiple things.

Someone’s trying to sell their diet… supplements… workout programs… AND their special line of essential oils made from unicorn blood.*

**No unicorns were harmed in the making of this article**

THEN you have other coaches who say you should be able to lose 1lb a week forever and ever amen, with no blips, or stall points whatsoever.

Whenever you’ve tried to lose some of the extra weight around your belly, you start off strong, but always hit a stalling point as strong as the wall of China.

Is this the way its supposed to happen when you lose weight? And if it does, are you just destined to have the extra fat forever?

No, you’re not destined to have that extra weight forever. Your fat loss won’t be like the ludicrous promises above, but it won’t always happen in a straight line either.


Here’s why your fat loss doesn’t happen in a straight line.


  • You live in REAL life. You don’t live in an ideal world where you go to the gym, make your food, then go to bed. Although that’s the life of a lot of fitness professionals or wannabe bodybuilders, Between you and me, that’s quite a boring life.
    You have friends you want to go golfing with, a career you’re excelling in, two kids who light up your day when they see you walking through the door in the evening, and a wife you enjoy a glass of wine with at the end of the day.
  • Simply looking at scale weight shows total weight lost, NOT just fat loss.  This can include fat, but also water, muscle, and poop. If you’re eating less calories than you’re using, and staying within the guidelines set by your coach  then you can still lose fat without the scale going down.

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  • Not only that, but are you going to social events, summer holidays, and the stress of trying to stay on a nutrition plan ends up wreaking more havoc than just eating a little more freely.


With that fresh in your mind, let me ask you this. What would you rather:


Give your life to the gym, eat nothing but chicken and broccoli and rice, and work out 6 days a week to get the fitness you want?


See your results come a little slower, BUT still consistent? All the while enjoying your beer and wings occasionally with friends?

If the latter describes what’s ideal for your life, then check out the following graph of one of my clients.



If you can’t see the graph, she goes from 228 in December, to just under 209 last week.

I started Training this client back in December, and you can see for yourself that her fat loss has been anything but linear.


BUT it has been is filled with learning experiences of how much food she needs to eat to see fat loss, enjoying time away on vacation, her fair share of wine, and a consistent downward trend.

She might be seen as “behind” what is expected if we think fat loss should ALWAYS happen at a rate of 1lb/week.

Weight isn’t the only thing that matters though.

Instead, she’s fitting in clothing that she hasn’t worn in years, her joints don’t feel like the fire of sauron anymore, and She has all the energy in the world for her job.

That’s a win, regardless of scale weight.

The point here is two fold.

  1. Don’t get so set on seeing the scale go down that you lose track of the benefits you see around you.
  2. Your weight loss might not be exactly like someone else’s. Slow progress is still progress!


Regardless of the amount of weight you lose or want to lose, here’s what will get you back in the size 32 jeans you were in college:

  1. Track your food consistently. I will never get tired of saying this. If you aren’t seeing the results you’re wanting, track, track, TRACK! By paper, by app, it doesn’t matter. Make it happen.
  2. Get active. Strength train 2-4x a week, and be active every other day, whether it be a walk or anything else. (Check out your free beginner program here)
  3. BONUS POINTS: Prepare food ahead of time. Not necessary, but it helps if you often get to the end of the day and realize, “Oh my goodness, I haven’t had ANY protein.” Preparing your food ahead of time makes sure you aren’t going to have those Oh crap moments. 


The more consistently you can do these things, the better your results.


Fat loss core

So, What can fat loss look like for YOU in real life?

Fat loss will look different for you, and for your friend.

You might lose 1lb/week.

You might lose 2/week

You might not lose any lbs for a while, but you see a change in your pictures.

You might see the scale go down, but no chance to your pictures.


But what you CAN expect is that if you are following a nutrition plan, staying active, and a small amount of planning, you’ll be sure to see a consistent downward trend in weight.

You will see your body change before your eyes.




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