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Say goodbye to trudging to the gym only to slog through another half-hearted workout of some time on the treadmill, some bench presses, and some dumbell curls.

Say goodbye to thinking:  “I’ve been coming to the gym for 3 months, but my pants don’t fit any looser, my body hasn’t changed, and my back just seems to hurt even more. This isn’t what I signed up for!”

You are NOT the first person to feel this way.

Instead of wasting time with workouts from muscle magazines that aren’t getting you anywhere, why not use a PROVEN system that will get you the results you’ve been looking for?

Hi, My name is Linden Ellefson. I’m a coffee enthusiast, and best friends with my wife Desirae and my Boston Terrier,  Taco.

Most importantly though, I’m a personal trainer with a big heart who helps people like you get in the best shape of their lives, pain free.

That includes YOU.

You see, I realize that ideally you don’t want to spend your entire lifetime in the gym. You want to use the time in the gym to feed into the rest of your life like:

  • Taking a few strokes off your golf game.
  • Playing with your kids for more than five minutes, without feeling winded or your back tossing in the white flag.
  • Getting back to the pant size you were in college.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out what Jeff says.

I’ve always loved being an athlete. My general health feels better than it ever has, even when I was playing university sports. I’m stronger and quicker on the ball in soccer. And I can throw my kids around and keep up with them. I wish I had Linden 15 years ago!

He isn’t the only one. Here’s what Stephan has to say.

I would recommend Linden to anyone! When I came in I had my reservations. I was nervous about the gym environment, didn’t want to get hurt, and I didn’t want to lose enthusiasm to train. I wanted not only to lose weight, but also to get better health in general.

So far, I have not only lost 100+ lbs, I now am wearing MUCH smaller clothes, I’m not out of breath all the time, gained muscles, and have acquired a better mindset. I’m not scared of the gym any more, I have continued to enjoy training, and I am now at peace knowing I’m making my way to better health. With enthusiasm, encouragement and positivity, I have stayed healthy and continued training. Without Linden’s help, I would have got hurt, stopped training, or worse, both.

All My Programs Include:

EXPERT COACHING. Whenever you come into the gym, you know that your workouts have been designed by an expert specifically for YOU. You know that you won’t get hurt because Linden is your guide. Like Yoda to Luke. Or Dumbledore to Harry. You don’t have to spend hours and hours searching for the perfect fitness program. You just come in, get the work done, and KNOW that your results are on their way.

HANDMADE NUTRITION. Through nutrition tracking a custom nutrition plan and weekly nutrition goals, consistent improvement will be made. THis isn’t the same plan I give to everyone else. What your body handles in regards to the food you eat will be vastly different from someone else. With your unique body taken into consideration, you can be sure that the suggestions will work to get you strutting shirtless on the beach in no time.

ACCOUNTABILITY. This is where I hold you to your word:what you told me you want to accomplish. The way I do that is completely based on you. If you need some tough love, you’ll get it. If you need someone to listen, then you’ll get that too. This is the magic sauce for hitting, and STAYING at your goals.

If you’re interested in finding out more information to see if we’re a good fit together, then fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch for an in-person meeting and we can discuss this further.

I look forward to helping you change your life.

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