The Best Ab Exercise You’re Not Using.

Getting strong abs that are ready for anything is the goal for many men.

Not only is a strong core essential for any big lift, or strength related exercise, it also shows that you are in a relatively healthy leanness.

Among the exercises that guys will do to try and achieve the legendary fitness status, one includes the ol’ ab roller.

This is a staple in training programs, from bodybuilders to Olympic athletes.

But could we, as mere mortals, use a version of this exercise that works better?

The answer is definitely.

You might feel it a little bit in your core a little bit on this exercise, but by doing the following variation I guarantee your core will be so sore that it hurts to sneeze the next morning.

Or at least that’s what a client said a couple months ago.




This isn’t a straight beginner exercise. This is for those who have a solid base of fundamentals, meaning you can hold a plank like the following for 30 seconds without letting your lower back collapse.

Make sure you can do those, then join the party when you’re able to do these.


The ab roller is a lot more challenging than what people think it is.

When people try this, they look like this (skip to about 30 seconds to see the demo):


But you’re not going to look like that, right?

There is literally no abs that are being used in that video. It’s all lower back and hip flexor my friend. If you ever intend to train your abs, don’t do that.

It’s not that it’s impossible to feel your core while doing this exercise, it’s a lot more challenging than one would expect.

Instead, the TRX extension trains your core more by creating more tension than the ab roller, while allowing you to keep your hips strong and tight.


You need to grab the TRX and hold the straps like you’re doing a push-up. Now, make sure to be able to hold that position forever. If it’s too easy, slide your feet back just a hair at a time.

Punch your hands away from you. Make sure you go slow and focus on keeping your glutes squeezed, and your abs tight!

As you push your hands away, you’re going to get to a point to where your lower back takes over. Instead, stop just short of that point. Go slow so you can figure out where this is.

With your core fully turned on, keep your butt squeezed as you pull the handles back under your shoulders Using your core and lats, not by pushing your hips back with the following.


This is an intense move! So don’t expect to go very far. I have clients that only go about 6-12 inches, but tell me of how bad it is to sneeze after they’re done.

Add this into your program either at the beginning to reinforce a strong core for movements like deadlifts and squats, or put it at the end to challenge your abs in a way you’ve never felt before.