Get in the best shape of your life for less than $200

Key Points:

– Home gyms save you time and money 

– You need only two pieces of equipment

– For less than 200 dollars, you can get in the best shape of your life.

Sometimes you just can’t make it to the gym.

By the time you get finished travelling to and from the gym, changing, and doing your workout, around two hours has disappeared from your day.

Who has that kind of time? If you make in to the gym three times a week, that six hours you’re NOT spending time with your family. And you still have to work, run the kids to and from school and activities, go shopping, and so much more.

 You see your stomach isn’t getting any smaller, but how can justify the “me time” of abandoning your family for two hours at time?

Enter The Home Gym

Your home gym doesn’t have to be fancy. But it can be the key to amazing results.

Here’s how to avoid spending thousands of dollars on equipment that will eventually collect dust in the corner of your basement.

All you need is about three square feet of space and two hours a week to build your dream body right at home.

Download your free set of workouts for your new home gym.

Ditch your gym membership. Instead, invest in a modest home gym and a high quality online trainer who can develop a custom program, just for you.

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What You Really Need

Building lean, strong, athletic muscle requires only two pieces of equipment.

  •  A TRX (or other suspension trainer)

  • PRICE: around $100-$125

These remind me of a kid’s toy.

A kid’s toy that creates a super strong back and great looking arms your wife will gawk at during your dinner parties

This tool works extremely well for core and back training. You can also include the rowing movements missing from so many home workouts.

If you travel a lot for work, then you can add the suspension trainer to your travel bag.

You’ll get a great workout regardless of how crappy your hotel gym is.

The only problem is once you master the movements on the TRX, it’s difficult to progress without counter-intuitively adding more body weight.

This brings us to our second piece of equipment.

  • The Kettlebell

PRICE: Around $1.37/lb

The kettlebell is probably the most versatile piece of equipment available. And any idea successfully smuggled into the US from the Soviet during the Cold War has got to be good, right?

What can you do with a kettlebell? Just about anything you can do with a barbell, including  presses, squats, deadlifts, and rows. It can take a while to master the technique, but kettlebells work every part of the body.

When choosing your kettlebell, I would suggest getting something a little heavier than you think. You’re going to want to use your kettlebell for a few months and “grow into it” so to speak.

For many guys, I would suggest starting with a kettlebell around 18-24 kg, or 40-52lbs. You’ll be challenged. And it will be a while before you need to get a heavier kettlebell.

For women, I would suggest between 10-16kg, or 24-35lbs.

Next Steps

It’s pretty darn obvious that with at home training, you don’t have access to all the same things that you do in the gym.

It’s both a curse and a blessing.

It’s a curse because you can’t use that “perfect” piece of equipment that you think you need.


You also won’t be able to build maximum strength like you would in the gym.

But your home gym is a huge blessing because once you realize you don’t need perfect, you can focus on doing the important work.

You’ll save time and money by using various combinations of upper body pushes and pulls, squats, deadlifts, and some sort of core stability exercises.

But don’t  randomly use combinations of various exercises.

Use the free one month program I created for you. All the workouts are 30 minutes or less, with warm-ups included.  Download it here.

If you were at the gym, it would be easy to progress by just adding more weight. But below shows how to progress when working out at home.

How To Progress

  • Decreasing rest times between sets. Instead of 90 seconds, only give yourself 45-60 seconds.

  • Increase number of repetitions. Instead of doing only 6, shoot for 8 or even 10 with good quality.

  • Increase number of total sets. Instead of doing 3 rounds, try for 4 with the same technique as the first set.

  • -Try to get all your work done in less time than last workout. Doing this will challenge your heart rate and your focus to get everything done in a short period of time.

Stop wasting money on a gym membership you don’t use. Get in the best shape of your life, and save a lot of dough at home with a home gym instead.

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